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For people who live, work, and play in Fremont, Union City, Newark, Milpitas...

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For residents of the Fremont, Union City, Newark, Milpitas area of California.
This is a community for the south-east corner of the San Francisco Bay Area, centered around Fremont and including Newark, Union City, Milpitas. Anyone who works or lives here (or used to, or may be moving here) is welcome.

There *are* good restaurants, shops, galleries, art events, etc. in this area, but things are so spread out that they're often hard to find. Here we can post information about upcoming events, neat stores, good restaurants, etc., and ask questions about romantic restaurants, good shopping, commuting shortcuts, cheap apartments, or whatever.

Please feel free to post any events, concerts, apartment vacancies, roommate requests, community news, restaurant reviews, local history, and whatever else comes to mind. Unless it gets out of hand, you can even promote your own band, yard sale, etc.

Rules: Be considerate.
(This includes no flaming, no trolling, and no non-local politics. If you MUST post about local politics, keep it polite. News and information about political events is welcome; just posting your opinion isn't. Also, don't post images that are larger than about 400x400 pixels without using an LJ-cut. See the LJ FAQ for instructions. Thanks!)

Tell your friends! The more the merrier (and more useful).

- You Know You're From Fremont If... group on Facebook.

- You may also be interested in reading fremontcanews, a news feed from several sources. Just friend the account to get the news.
- fremontlibrary is an RSS feed from the Fremont Library's blog. Be sure to leave comments on the actual blog, not the RSS feed.

- Fremont's representative in Congress, Pete Stark, has frequent local meetings. Schedule here. (Thanks, mactavish)

- There is a Fremont bulletin board: http://www.talkfremont.com/

- Alameda County library events

Just a reminder if you are looking for jobs in this area--a Craig's List search for "fremont" will also bring up Union City jobs (well, and a few on various Fremont Streets around the Bay Area), but you'll need to search for "milpitas" and "newark" separately, although some of those will be listed under Fremont/Union City anyway. You don't want to miss any, right?

With CL I also suggestion occasionally putting fun keywords in the search field, things related to your interests such as "comic books" or "ballet" or whatever. You may turn up job ideas you never would have thought of--that's how I got my $17/hr travel agency job in San Francisco a couple years ago, by searching for the word "Asia" in job listings. (Speaking of which, if you search for, say, "Asia" or "Japan," CL's search routine will NOT also turn up "Asian" and "Japanese," so be thorough with your searches.)

Don't forget focus groups in areas where you wouldn't want to commute regularly. It's a good way to pick up a few bucks.

Outside of Craig's List, here are some more local-specific ideas:

- Alameda County jobs, including libraries, and a temp work registry
- City of Fremont jobs including temp jobs and summer jobs
- Fremont Unified School District jobs
- City of Milpitas jobs
- City of Newark jobs
- Union City jobs
- Ohlone college jobs
- QAR is a place that does focus groups. I have no idea about their reliability, etc.
- CalJOBS--statewide listing of government employment opportunities from the California Employment Development Department

Got some job-hunting tips, Craig's List or not? Post them to the group!

(And don't forget Bay Area cool geek jobs.)