A few houses on my street are having garage sales tomorrow, myself included.

We are on Founders Lane in Milpitas.

Things should be underway by 8am.

My sale will include mostly plus size women's clothing (18W - 22W) and LOTS of barely used or brand new toddler boys clothes (18 mo, 24 mo, 2T).  Also misc baby things ~ toys, bathtime necessities, baby bjorns, well as hardcover books and other riff-raff.

Come by if you're in the area and looking for treasures!  :) 

Happy Mother's Day Weekend to you all!

Best Sushi Ever

Sushi Yoshi, if you aren't aware, is the best sushi place in the East Bay.  Yoshi makes an incredible array of piscean awesomeness on and off rice.

I'm posting this as a public service announcement.  Don't let yet another great restaurant die in Fremont, only to be replaced with yet another boring chain eatery.  Yoshi's got some great food, and will treat you like a friend.  Ever since Nummi closed, he hasn't seen as much business as before, and I'd hate to see this wonderful place be closed down for lack of business.

It's behind Newpark Mall in the same shopping center as the Lion Market. . .just on the opposite side and tucked in a corner near the hobby shop.

If sushi isn't your thing, he's got the best Japanese food this side of Tokyo, including CURRY!

Go there.  You won't be disappointed.


Hello everyone! I'm starting college in the fall. I'm looking for LOCAL scholarships to apply to.

I've been able to find a lot of national scholarships with scholarship search websites, but I'm betting there are a lot of local scholarships that don't get publicized all that much.

If you know of any good scholarships (from your credit unions, area of worship, company, non-profit foundation, etc. etc.), please share!
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If I want a thrift store in the east bay with basic jeans and other pants that *fit*, with a good selection in the 16-18 size range for women, where should I look? One of the biggest issues is that my rheumatoid arthritis is flaring, so I can't just run from store to store and wander aisles, I need to be able to go to a rack and try on at least a couple of pairs, if possible.

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SJ Tucker in town!

Omg, omg, omg . . .the Skinny White Chick, SJ Tucker, is gonna be here THIS weekend.  In Fremont/Newark.  O M G  Alas, I avoid all sorts of geek/pagan/alt events to avoid running into the ex and being miserable for a month.  But if any of you are into folksy, pagan/newage music, you need to hear her.

Weekend of March 5-7 2010
Tricky Pixie at Consonance 2010
Hilton Newark/Fremont
39900 Balentine Drive
Newark, CA 94560-0564
(510) 490-8390
Tricky Pixie are Guests of Honor this year.
Our concert is scheduled for 9:45pm Sat. March 6th
with Mary Crowell, Brooke Lunderville, Chris O'Shea, and more

Tuesday March 09, 20107:00pm
Tricky Pixie!
Seanan McGuire's San Francisco Book Release Party & Concert
Borderlands Cafe
870 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
Next door to Borderlands Books
(415) 970-6998
with Seanan McGuire
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Book sale

Okay, in the final stages of moving.  Have reached the point where stuff just needs to go.  I have a HUGE collection of books (check out my LibraryThing for a list of some of what I have, not all of it is going, the pagan stuff might be spoken for) I am releasing back into the wild. It'll be 25 cents for paperbacks, 75 cents for hard covers.  I realized recently that all these years I thought I loved books, what I REALLY love is knowledge and information and you can get that on the Internet without having to cart around a forest of dead trees.  (This is not a value judgment, this is a personal choice.  Perhaps some day I will feel settled enough again to start collecting them . . .they are pretty.)  So, I'm having a book sale Friday night at my house starting at 7p.  Before I just take it all to Half Price Books, where some of you will end up buying some of them for much higher prices, why not just stop by, say hey, and buy a book?  Email me to get the address.
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Moving Sale and Mid-Life Purge

We are moving from a 4 bedroom/2 car garage home to a 2 bedroom/no garage condo.  Eighty percent of stuff needs a new home.  We will be having a yard sale this weekend.  Includes 3 or 4 bookcases, several dressers, HUGE oak entertainment center with matching coffee table and hanging lamp, giant old Apple rolltop desk, a small but nice collection of 2-4 x women's clothes, gardening tools, Christmas stuff, a bazillion sorts of craft stuff (I used to work at Michaels) and other effluvia from nearly a decade of misspent collecting. :D 

Where:  36793 Reynolds Dr, Fremont
When: 9a (yes, I know tons of people will be there at 7a, I have a plan) to 12p

I also have a nice washer/dryer and a 7 year old side by side refrigerator with water and ice in the door.  Not going to yard sale those, as no one will be willing to pay a reasonable price for them.