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rightkindofme in aroundfremont

Make art, not war.

I am painting a mural in our town. :) I thought I'd share.

I live across the street from an elementary school. The fence I am painting is down the street on the corner across from the school. The fence gets tagged periodically. I asked the owner (a very lovely woman) if I could ask the elementary school kids to help me design a mural. She agreed (much to my shock). I gave the school a letter asking the kids to show me what they love about living here in Fremont. I am doing my best to transpose their ideas onto the fence.

We have local places of interest (the yellow blob thing on the far left is the Hindu temple that needs lots of additional layers of color and interesting things) then the elementary school. In that same area I need to add our neighborhood park and the 7-11 on the corner (complete with 'Hi Mom!' poster in the window). Lots of little girls drew pictures of flowers and said they love the gardens, thus the garden scene. The mountain is Mission Peak, which is right behind our neighborhood. Then we get the skate park and water park and Lake Elizabeth.

Eventually there will be huge masses of "people" playing all over the mural. I'm having fun.