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svashtar in aroundfremont

Kitten for Adoption at Family Pet Store

I was just in Family Pets getting some mealworms for my horde of ravening leopard geckos when the owner alerted me to a kitten she found abandoned at Lake Elizabeth.

He's approximately 12 weeks old.
Not sure of vaccine history, if any.  I didn't see if he was neutered (unlikely).  Unsure about FiV/FeLV.

He is very friendly, and as cute as a kitten is legally allowed to be.  He's a gray stripey guy, and can use some fattening up.

If you are interested in seeing him, he's being fostered at Family Pets on Fremont and Grimmer.

Please don't ask me about the kitten.  I have posted everything I know about him and promised the store owner I'd help put the word out :)