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Life-Icon Distracted By Shiny

rightkindofme in aroundfremont

Raley's on Paseo Padre

Why didn't anyone tell me that the Raley's has a really good bulk foods section and a great "natural foods" section reminiscent of Whole Foods?! If you haven't been, it's worth a look. I am now super excited that I can stop ordering a bunch of foods online. :D


i live down the street from the nob hill in milpitas (nob hill/raley's/bel air = same thing). people hear nob hill and they automatically think it's expensive but it's quite the opposite. their sales are great, and their wide selection of stuff is even better!
Fremont Natural Foods (http://www.fremontnatural.com/ on Mowry has quite a bit of bulk stuff as well including things like Enger-G egg replacer that I have only ever found online or at WF.
I tried to tell you, but you were busy that day. ;)