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rightkindofme in aroundfremont


We are having major problems with our internet lately. Websites time out before they can properly load. It's been going on for weeks and I'm pretty fed up. It started when Speakeasy wanted to 'upgrade' some equipment so they warned us about outages. And then they never went away. :(

According to ATT, Verizon, and DSLExtreme we can't get service here. Uhm, what services do y'all use?



Believe the only other player in town for you that isn't DSL would be Comcast Cable Internet services. Might give them a call up to see if you can get in on their $20/mo plan. Price usually lasts 6 or 12 months. When your 6 or 12 month term is coming up, renew at between $20-$30/mo by giving them a call and threaten to switch ISPs.
Speakeasy seriously screwed me up for a while. They used to be such a good ISP.

I switched to AT&T. Worth noting: I had been using Speakeasy's One-Link service (where you don't need to order a phone line from the TelCo). In order to get service, I had to order a phone line from AT&T.

Still -- a measured rate line costs almost nothing and it's worth it to only have one call to make whenever anything internet related goes wrong.
It looks like sonic.net is going to be the winner after recommendations else-net. Thanks!