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svashtar in aroundfremont

Okay, not about Fremont, but it's close enough

If anyone was going to the Roger Waters concert at the HP Pavilion in San Jose tonight, when was it announced that the concert was rescheduled for tomorrow?  More to the point:  where was it announced?  I drove all the way out there and wondered why there was nobody near the Shark Tank, and why parking was so easy.


How are they going to fit two sold out nights worth of people into one show?  Are we going to sit on each other's laps?


I believe they moved both shows back a day, so still having two shows.

I got email from rogerwaters.com announcing the date change a couple of months ago. If they don't have your email (because you got tickets on the secondary market, or something?), I don't know how you would have found out unless you happened to look at the tour schedule and notice the dates had changed.