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mallardisme in aroundfremont

San Bruno fire

It has been a few years since I left fremont. (No regrets). Anyhow, I work heavily with police and fire out here in Arizona these days. I was asked to post a request for the Bay Area to donate blood if you can. Specifically, O negative. The bay Area hospitals are coming up short right now and could really use it. We feel for you in this tragedy and would like to help in any way we can.

BTW, if you ever want a hand in setting up a user friendly forum, please conact me. This is what we have in my neck of the woods these days: http://forum.maricopa360.com/ (Software is free)

And for the many good people I met here during my time in Fremont, this is what I have been up to over the last few years: www.newsofmaricopa.com




Anyone else think it's pretty lame to throw in self promotion and a demeaning comment about the very topic of the comm all in the same post about a tragic accident?
Actually, it was a promotion to help the gist of this forum as well as a way to try and get folks to help where help is needed.
On that note, any area in the Bay Area could use type O Negataive blood. Please donate if you can. At least 5 dead have been confirmed and injuries are pretty serious in the area.
I jnow Fremont can step up to the plate to help when asked.