M.W.Wonka (svashtar) wrote in aroundfremont,

Stuffed animals to good homes

Hi there.

I'm trying to find some room in my condo, and have several stuffed animals that need good homes.  All are in very good condition and have lived in a smoke free home. 

I'm asking $5 each for the smaller critters (12-14" tall).  The larger animals are $10 each.

Or you can take the lot in the photo for $50.

There is an alligator, black panther, white horse, two lions (one battery operated and roars - needs new batteries), five foot long boa, arctic fox, growling bear with trout (needs batteries), and huge leopard. 

All have been packed in rubbermaid tubs for about five years.

There are also some miscellaneous animals not shown that I can bag up and give to you for free.

This includes two Bug's Life talking characters and a fur real pet (all need fresh batteries).

Contact me at ferrethunter@gmail.com for more info.
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