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Apr. 15th, 2014



The lunar eclipse occurred last night. I stayed up and shot it. It was a bit hazy here, so not as clear as I would have liked for photos, but we saw all of it and I was able to see more with my camera. I have pre-eclipse, just starting, halfway, and the full eclipse blood moon.


Photo of the week for 4/12/14: Contrast.

Photo of the week for 4/12/14: Contrast. On the third day of our Yosemite trip in February we spent some more time in the valley. Right across from the lot where we park there was a pocket of river with a lovely view of Half Dome and a quite a bit of space to walk around. We hung out for a while and I captured these trees in an incredibly backlit state. Converting the photo to black and white made the contrast more extreme and stark which I like.

Apr. 14th, 2014


dance, dance, dance

That was a busy weekend that included three different dance things. Friday night Peter and I got to have a meal out at a nice-ish place with tablecloths and table service courtesy of a parents' night out thing at L.'s preschool. We had a nice meal and lovely time alone. Saturday I picked up some donations for Cupcakes and Muffintops, went to rehearsal which was awesome and super-productive, had lunch/early dinner with Michael at the vegan taqueria where we shared the last available bowl of pozole, then I went to Texas Rose where I had lots of fun, danced a lot, and saw lots of folks. Peter took the kids to the Sunol Wildflower festival on Saturday and they had a blast...most fun was apparently playing in the creek. Sunday I did some cooking for some friends then we all headed back up to Oakland. I went to the Fat Flash Mob rehearsal which was lots of fun and the kids and Michael when to the park and played. Then we all had dinner out and then we headed home.

It was a good weekend and it was great to see so many awesome people. It was busy though and I am tired today and L. and I spent time just hanging out and playing before he went to school today.

Apr. 12th, 2014


holy moly our baby ain't a baby


I used to lift him up to this, just yesterday. Now, he says, "I can DO IT" and won't let me help at all. But dude, he can do it.

He's amazing.

(He turned 3 about three weeks ago.)


My week and upcoming

It has been a pretty good week or so. I'm not sure why my mood is better but it mostly has been. I started a daily practice of stretching and singing along with music for at least five minutes (2-3 songs) a day. Gah, I really need more exercise in my life. But its a start. Our circle last night was for bringing Jupiter's bounty out of the dreaming of Pluto, jumping on the energy of the blossoming year. It was really lovely. I still can't believe I did something to my other elbow at Ostara. Having tricksy tendons is a bummer.

I continue to apply for jobs that don't ever contact me. I wonder if I'll ever feel employable again. I'm really enjoying my one day a week volunteer stint though. And since this week's jobs are mostly in San Francisco I admit to being conflicted about whether I *want* them to call me.

And I'm watching a tv show called Fringe on Netflix streaming that I'm really enjoying. I had never heard of it but Netflix recommended it and I'm at like season 4 and still totally hooked.

In just a few days I'm off to Santa Barbara for my second tattoo session with Pat Fish. I'm madly excited about it. We'll do the flowing tails of the owl phoenix this time.

Pagansing on Tuesday night before I go. My singing voice just isn't reliable since the thyroid surgery. I'm grateful that my friends still want to sing with me even in my current voice. I really value the singing and community it brings.

Apr. 10th, 2014


Totally, yeah. But the shipping would kill me.

Carnival organiser Steve Fletcher has an unusual problem. Five years ago, he bought a 65ft tall fibreglass dragon "in a moment of madness". It's currently sitting in the garden of his home (presumably terrifying the neighbours). Now he urgently needs to get rid of it. Can you help?


Mercedes Penz

Wow, I've got a stupid number of Rapidograph pens. Anyone want 'em?

Apr. 9th, 2014


I wish wordpress auto-duplicated or at least auto-shared-a-link to LJ


Photo of the Week for 04/05/14: Glass.

Photo of the Week for 04/05/14: Glass. Last Sunday we all went out to the Hayward Regional Shoreline for a hike and poking around. We were surprised to find the shoreline where we were poking about completely covered in glass...both new glass and really old glass. It was fascinating. S. declared it "the best hike ever!" Here's the glass.

Apr. 4th, 2014


Photo of the Week for 03/29/14: Splash of Color

Photo of the Week for 03/29/14: Splash of Color. When we were snowshoeing in Yosemite in February one of the most beautiful things were the little tufts of almost fluorescent-green lichen scattered in the ground in the snow. I love lichen and I really loved it against the snow. I shot this while snowshoeing.

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