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Mar. 2nd, 2011




If you're interested in bicycling in Fremont, even if you don't currently ride your bike here, please fill out this survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/8Y2D5G9

Feb. 26th, 2011



Getting news from the city; issues survey

Here's a page where you can sign up to get texts or e-mail from the city of Fremont on everything from volunteering to public art to business info to emergencies: http://www.fremont.gov/list.aspx

And here's Representative Pete Stark's annual congressional issues interest survey: https://forms.house.gov/stark/webforms/survey.html

The most interesting thing I've posted on http://twitter.com/aroundfremont recently was probably the fact that Lloyd's Doughnuts, my favorite local doughnut place, is going to be open on Mondays starting with the upcoming one (2/28/11). I have a feeling they're under new ownership--I hope nothing changes for the worse, because I haven't found their combination of non-greasiness, genuine chocolatiness, and airiness where you want it and density where you want it anywhere else. Cross your fingers. I'm in favor of the Monday thing--I rarely indulge in doughnuts, but for some reason Monday seems to be when the craving is most likely to strike (go figure!).

Feb. 18th, 2011


Borders bankruptcy

I'm sure many of you have heard by now that Borders is closing. According to the Borders.com website, BOTH the Union City and Fremont ones are supposed to close.

I haven't had a chance to visit either location yet, but apparently stores marked for closure will do so no later than April. :(

Just thought I'd add: I've been to the Fremont location as I got an email that they have begun their store closing sales. If you plan to go and buy stuff, bring your own bags. For some reason, the store isn't giving out any.

Feb. 12th, 2011

Life-Icon Distracted By Shiny


Raley's on Paseo Padre

Why didn't anyone tell me that the Raley's has a really good bulk foods section and a great "natural foods" section reminiscent of Whole Foods?! If you haven't been, it's worth a look. I am now super excited that I can stop ordering a bunch of foods online. :D

Jan. 30th, 2011



No WF in B&N


I can't say this is too shocking. Can you imagine what the parking would have been like? Even if they'd opened up that vacant lot behind it, no one would have used it (heaven knows you can't walk an extra few hundred feet!).

But Whole Foods is still interested. Also, the British chain Fresh & Easy is looking--an article in the Fremont Bulletin actually said they wanted to put 2 stores in Fremont.

Jan. 7th, 2011




http://is.gd/kkCN3 (USGS)

Just heard a creak here, knew it wasn't the usual kind. Couldn't actually feel it.

Jan. 4th, 2011




We are having major problems with our internet lately. Websites time out before they can properly load. It's been going on for weeks and I'm pretty fed up. It started when Speakeasy wanted to 'upgrade' some equipment so they warned us about outages. And then they never went away. :(

According to ATT, Verizon, and DSLExtreme we can't get service here. Uhm, what services do y'all use?


Dec. 6th, 2010



Okay, not about Fremont, but it's close enough

If anyone was going to the Roger Waters concert at the HP Pavilion in San Jose tonight, when was it announced that the concert was rescheduled for tomorrow?  More to the point:  where was it announced?  I drove all the way out there and wondered why there was nobody near the Shark Tank, and why parking was so easy.


How are they going to fit two sold out nights worth of people into one show?  Are we going to sit on each other's laps?

Nov. 15th, 2010



Even better than complaining online...

Giving a (polite) earful to the people running the city: your city government.

I just e-mailed the mayor, vice mayor, city council, and economic development director about this trend of landlords jacking up the rent and then putting in a @$#@ bank, and the mushrooming of big boxes, and so on. I know they don't directly control either, but nonetheless, they have some influence over it, and if you don't like it, you need to let them know in a way that doesn't involve just complaining on FB/Twitter/etc. Most people are too busy/lazy/apathetic to get involved in local government, so they may well respond to you/us. I'm pretty sure it'll mostly be lip service, but if enough people complain, maybe something will eventually change. If nobody does, I'm pretty sure nothing will!

And speaking of responsiveness, per the question I missed before the election--it really IS hard to get a feel for these local school board & city councilmembers (especially the ones who are too lazy or dumb or ... have some strange unlucky set of events and don't fill out the Smart Voter info). But they're usually really responsive to e-mailed questions about topics that are important to you. (And if they don't fill out Smart Voter info and don't provide contact info online/don't answer your questions, I don't think I'd vote for them!)


Where's my friend's "Gettin' My Lisa Simpson On" LJ icon when I need it?

I think I just wanted an excuse to not clean. :p Back to cleaning now. Sigh.


(no subject)

Sorry for the neglect here. I haven't had much time to update my own LJ, let alone write posts here. I've been putting Fremont bits of news on @aroundfremont on Twitter (you don't have to use Twitter to view it, and you can also subscribe via RSS in Google Reader, though you WILL get pointless replies to other people sometimes).

By the way, I complained last year about my slow DSL. AT&T came out when our phone line died last week. Turns out the previous owners of our apartment complex had run our phone wires over our (flat and sun/rain-exposed) roof some years ago, presumably in lieu of replacing bad wires in the walls. Unsurprisingly, the wires were full of cracks and so on. DSL was hanging on (the AT&T guy, who was actually really great, explained why, but don't ask me) but our phone service finally gave up the ghost. Anyway, because he couldn't get onto our roof and our apartment people wouldn't give him permission to re-route the wires at least under the eaves, our apartment maintenance eventually wound up patching it. Now our DSL is a lot better. So if you have crappy DSL in a rented unit, go outside and look for a telltale wire coming out of your wall. The AT&T guy said he sees it once in a while due to poorly-thought-out DIY phone wire maintenance, but it gives him the shudders.
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